Jayde the Jaybird

Jayde the Jaybird

At the edge of the forest, in a nest on a tree, lived the sweetest little jaybird you'd ever want to see!

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O'Shae the Octopus

"O'Shae you're extra special, mom said time and time again. Instead of having eight arms, you've been blessed my dear with ten."

Dive in to see the amazing things that happen to O'Shae once he starts believing in himself! 

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Fasten Your Seat Belt

Monday May, 26th 2014

So yesterday we got back from Hawaii & Disneyland. We went to Hawaii because one of my oldest and best friends got married and I was lucky enough to be her matron of honour. It was just beautiful....

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And now...I wait.

Wednesday April, 30th 2014

Since the very beginning of this project, I'm either going, going, going...or I'm not. 

I know there's always so much stuff going on behind the scenes to keep the ball rolling, but there...

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