Since the very beginning of this project, I'm either going, going, going...or I'm not. 

I know there's always so much stuff going on behind the scenes to keep the ball rolling, but there are moments, and one of those moments happens to be right now, where things have gone from crazy, to slow as I wait for my "next move". The website is up and running, (still can't believe I even have one...;) the publicist has started and is getting interviews lined up, the advance copies are making their rounds, a bunch of my books have made it onto the shelves in Australia (Michael is also actually selling them at his merch stand at his concerts too...gotta love the support of family!;)  i's are getting dotted, and t's are getting crossed...but on my end, for right now at least, I am just waiting for the next whirlwind the start! I call these periods "the calm before the storm". I also refer to that metaphor when my children are getting along and are being too good...I know the storm's comin'….I can feel it in my bones! Ha! 

So for now, I wait for that daily call from Sarah. She'll fill me in, let me know what's ahead for me, and we'll go over the schedule that will soon become my life. I'll get excited and nervous, (and most likely overwhelmed) at the same time, until my my husband Rob reminds me to take it one day at a time! 

They say the weathers about to change, but right now I'm really enjoying the beautiful calm sun....;)