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And now...I wait.

Since the very beginning of this project, I'm either going, going, going...or I'm not. 

I know there's always so much stuff going on behind the scenes to keep the ball rolling, but there are moments, and one of those moments happens to be right now, where things have gone from crazy, t...

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Fasten Your Seat Belt

So yesterday we got back from Hawaii & Disneyland. We went to Hawaii because one of my oldest and best friends got married and I was lucky enough to be her matron of honour. It was just beautiful. Tanner was stunning! The wedding took place in Waikiki, overlooking the lagoon and the ocean- it was...

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My Kind Of Therapy

Anyone who knows me, knows all I ever wanted to be was a mom. And I feel like I have been blessed with two of the coolest kids ever, who I adore more than anything in this world! I love this gig, I really do, but with this job comes constant criticism...and I’m not just talking about from others,...

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Cry Baby

So for those who know me and those who happen to follow me on Instagram, you know that I am a very emotional, ridiculously mushy, sensitive, and super sentimental person. I am a hugger when I meet you, and a squeezer if I like you! (I’m also a leg squisher if you sit beside me during anything fun...

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Go Play Outside

Some of my favourite memories growing up, were the days and the nights I spent outside of my front door. I grew up in the neighbourhood that I wish I could give to my children. It was amazing. The whole street was filled with neighbours that weren't just neighbours, they were our friends. We actu...

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